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Fifteen years of music workshops Music , workshops ,Singer Songwriters and Alternative Music


Bandit Music Projects

Bandit is a four day rock and pop workshop for 60 students aged 8 to 17. Students throughout the community come together to form bands and to be creative in writing, recording and performing. The prime function of the workshop is to give young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to gain experience in musicianship, creative song writing, and performance skills.



Bandit 21Emotions.picture

Bandit 20Supernatural Halloweenpicture

Bandit 19On the Roadpicture

Bandit 18Artificial intelligencepicture

Bandit 17Words.picture

Bandit 16James Bond 007...picture

Bandit 15Science Fiction.picture

Bandit 14Modes of Transport...picture

Bandit 13Superstition...picture

Bandit 12Time...picture

Bandit 11World Cities...picture

Bandit 10ECO Warriors...picture

Bandit 9World Music...picture

Bandit 8ECO Warriors...picture

Bandit 7All Genres...picture

Crime TimeMC Workshop...picture

Bandit 5Halloween...picture

Bandit 3Rock Workshop...picture

Bandit Rock Workshop...picture




Silver CampervanSimplest Tycoon...


Singer Songwriter, Acoustic music, Extended play record, beautiful…..all gorgeous vocals and intelligent lyrics married to some lovely tunes...


Blooming CellarNarset Bleeds...


Alternative music, thrashing guitar surrounding speed and peculiar shapes. Blooming Cellar capture a wide spectrum.


Silver CampervanShade...


'Long player live recording that nestles nicely on the ears with some neat little numbers you can tap along to...'.


Attic eskimoHad to resort to this...


'Three piece garage band. The sharpness and sparseness of the performances work well on the short catchy punk songs.'




What They Say


Really good to meet you at Folkridge on Saturday and thanks for all your help. You played a great couple of sets and were a real unexpected highlight of the day for many people.

Many thanks again.

Keep in touch.

Rob Craine

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Contact about events and music.


Gloucestershire, England