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Steve Lamacq (Music Week)

Blooming Cellar, whose single Purity Teen is a pretty thing, looks like Walthamstow High Street with a bit of late Eighties Leytonstone pop chic thrown in. The singer could be a bit of a star with his slightly faraway stage presence – and their gig at the Laurel Tree featured a few nicely bittersweet sparklers which sound quite neat in the autumn.

Peter Whitehead, GIG UK (National Band Register magazine)

What an intriguing way to right a song! ‘Mr Portilda’ is a blank verse poem about boring John Portilda who dreams all day, has ass holes for friends and can’t even smoke dope in case his girlfriend finds out and tells him off. Somehow they’ve managed to put it to music really effectively with a really catchy tune – a hit in our office. The music’s verging on country, solid and harmonic like the Bellamy Brothers, but the words are superb. ‘Ben’s Magic Red Scarf’ is about the singer’s friend who has life on a plate, including loads of horny girlfriends which he reckon is due to his ‘right on’ clothes and, in particular, his magic red scarf. Again they’ve got a really catchy chorus so that’s another three points for an away win. ‘Sea’ gets all serious and depressive and the joking’s definitely over. Highly autobiographical stuff, one suspects, but what a great band. Could it happen, I wonder?

The Fly Magazine

Retrospective, insomuch as they take on board early Lemonheads and late XTC, Blooming Cellar have an English ness that nestles easily in the ears and compliments the coming summer months.

John Haylock

 I was in such a good mood i almost enjoyed the Proclaimers , ‘i would walk 500 miles’ etc etc etc. The Divine Comedy headlined and Neil Hanlon, the Charles Hawtry of rock n roll had the crowd eating out of his very posh hands. But my moment of revelation lay in a small tent a few feet away. I wandered into a set by the unlikely named Silver Camper Van … it was beautiful…..all gorgeous vocals and intelligent lyrics married to some lovely tunes; really refreshing… i almost dropped my Fosters. Apparently there is an album …it’s now at the top of my albums i must own list.

Thank you letters

Your thanking us?!!! Kevin the work that you and your team put in twice a year to make these events happen is amazing. It's you guys that deserve the thanks. Both my boys had a wonderful time and produced great work. The evening was really enjoyable and the standard of all the performances unbelievable. We are all - musicians and proud parents, looking forward to the Autumn show. 

In appreciation
David Barker


Good morning,

I just wanted to say Lewis has really enjoyed his time at bandit this week and loved performing last night, I wish there were more opportunities for him to play as part of a band as it's the best form of practice. We weren't able to stay for the duration of the evening but the acts we did see were amazing and everyone was so happy, what a great bunch of young people. 

Thank you to all of the bandit team and to Jon for putting Lewis forward for the project in the first place.

Kind regards

Sirina Hyatt


Hi Kevin
Thank you and congratulations for another great Bandit - and it was really fun a Woodchester!
Well done to everyone involved.
I mentioned to John West last night that Charis didn't get a performer's lanyard as she was late in on Monday - do you have any spare? John said he'll drop one in to us if you had one, or I'm happy to collect from you. Charis likes them for her souvenir box!
Thanks again Kevin to you, John, Andy and all the team.
Very best wishes
Sarah L Jackson



What an experience! Sam and Jake both had an incredible time this week - they were excited but quite nervous ahead of Monday, but when I picked them up each day they were absolutely buzzing! They’ve made new friends and can’t wait for the October BandIt.

And all the hard work that was put in to the three days culminated in memorable performances at Woodchester Mansion last night. Yes, it was a difficult place to find, yes it was cold, yes it was a bit of a trek down to the mansion, yes it felt even more of a trek on the way back up afterwards…but it was a truly great event! Actually if you went to the loo enough times you began to ‘feel the benefit’ of being inside!! The trek down was stunning with the blue sky and sun shining through the woods. The trek back up the hill in the dark gave us a good giggle! And the journey home was much quicker and easier because we decided to ignore the SatNav and Dan’s dubious ’nose’ for the right route, and follow in reverse the very clear directions your Mum had given me a couple of days previously!!

Thank you so much for organising such an amazing opportunity - you and all your team put so much in to it. We couldn’t believe how far they’d come in just three days. Mind blowing really.

Have a lovely weekend and a well deserved rest!

Thanks again

Susie and Dan


Hi Kevin,

A big thanks from Arthur (and us) for this year's Bandit - he loved every minute of it and I'm certain you'll see him at the next one... and the one after that... and the one after that... I think he's set off on the road to Rock n Roll, of which we all know there is no return. Great stuff.

Laura and Arthur will be at Maiden Hill this morning to collect the kit at 11 - 11.30 ish. Arthur will have a kit list with him.

Thanks again.

Have a good restful weekend.




Hi Kevin,

My son, Sam Flack, took part in Bandit 2016 last week and I just wanted to get in touch to say thank you very much for organising the three days and the evening performance which was a logistical nightmare by the looks of things. He absolutely loved it and is very keen to participate in the next one in October.

Is it possible to put us on a mailing list to keep us informed about these events? Sam will no longer be taking lessons within school, so we are keen that he doesn't miss out on these activities.

Once again, thank you very much for a very enjoyable evening.

Best wishes

Jo Flack


Dear Kevin
I wanted to email you to say thank you so much.  We have given our kids some great life experiences but feel that nothing compares to the experience that he has with you and all your fellow teachers and volunteers at Bandit.  I can't thank you enough.  
We will definitely be back in October.
Best regards


Thank you so much Kevin and all your team for another amazing Bandit!! Once again Toby has had the best four days! and we had the best night out.

Thank you.

Andie Fuller.


Hi Kevin
Just wanted to say how magnificent Bandit Project was! The organisation feels like a well oiled machine and the two stages idea worked really well. Thank you very muchly for everything you do..I can tell it's a labour of love and a massive amount of hard work. We are so lucky to have you, Dave and all the excellent tutors willing to make this're all awesome!! Thank you again! Vanessa X


Name: Helen Hurn Message: Hi. I would like to thank you for another great Bandit Project. Ryan really looks foward to it every time.

Many Thanks Helen Hurn


Hi Kevin

Toby had a fantastic time taking part in Bandit - thank you! It was his first one and at the end of the performance he & his band mates were already arranging to meet up again in October. We thought the evening was really well organised with great swiftness between performances - a big achievement!
I look forward to hearing from you again soon.
Best wishes, Sarah Stacey.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the follow-up message. Joanna really enjoyed her second Bandit project and is already talking about taking part in the next one! We thought the last gig was so impressive and well put together. Thanks go to you and your great team!
Can you please send me the link to the photos of the bands – thanks!
Best wishes,


Hi Kevin,
Yes, would love to see the photos, please send me the link.
Kyle had a fantastic time, look forward to seeing you in October.
I have been meaning to write and thank you. Noah had such a good time at Bandit (his second time). It is a great experience you are offering and is much appreciated.
Best wishes,
Caroline Vacara

Hi Kevin, Just want to say thanks again for a great event. Louis loved it again and he is already talking about the next one. It really is fantastic walking into the school, down that corridor with the sound of drums and guitars coming out of every room and seeing all the cool kids getting together to do music. I think it's a wonderful thing you are doing. It's had quite an impact on Louis, and I have seen his musical ability and confidence grow even more this year. I would love to have the link to the photos if that is ok. Louis was the singer/acoustic guitarist for the '90's' themed band this time. Cheers, and see you again in October. Andy Guy

Hi Kevin, thanks very much for organising another great event!! We are interested in Bandit 13 already, I also have a flute playing daughetr as well as Rory on guitar. I wanted to develop his lead guitar playing and vocal skills, have you got any ideas? I am interested in the link to photos of his band, all best James
Thanks Again Kevin
Atticus really enjoyed it; it gives him a real sense of occasion and an understanding of the joy and difficulties of coming together in a band! And lots more! Him and Arthur will definitely be up for the October stint.
Rachel Morley


Dear Kevin
I did put a note on your Facebook page, but just wanted to say how great we thought the whole experience was for Douggie- he didn’t really want to go, but (grudgingly!) enjoyed it, so we are hoping he will be coming again in October  So thank you for all your efforts, and to all the guys you had helping you – everyone was very helpful and pleasant.
Many thanks, and yes please I would like to see a photo of the whole band (No Power!_
Best wishes


Kevin – just wanted to say a big thank you for Band12. What a positive, affirming experience for the young people. It was great to see how every group had achieved something they could be proud of and the gig at the end was done so well - it had a real positive sense of occasion where all were recognised and encouraged. You did an excellent job balancing the instruments especially as guitars can’t help but turn themselves up! I thought Jason was excellent at creating an atmosphere and energy on the evening. Tom had a fab time.
Well done and thank you to all the team


Hi Kev,
Thanks for Bandit - kids had brilliant time! Really loved it.
Wonder if you recorded the concert or rehearsals - our phone ran out on night. Would love a recording of it if you have anything.??
Ali Coles, Mum of Anna (in the Ancients I think), says she will be up your way tomorrow and could pick up flute stand if you could leave it in your porch. Is that poss?
If you can let me know I will tell her.
Thanks very much...


Hi Kevin Thank you too. Luke had a fab time and will def do October. I don't suppose the big cable lead from his guitar to amp was picked up?? Please send me a link to photos of his band - the Time Travellers.
Thank you. Emma Soares Thank you Kevin. Well done!! Would love a link to photos if poss.
Also, could I trouble you for a contact number or email for Dave Ayres...
Cameron wanted to try to connect with Oli (they got on well in "the12")
We all really enjoyed it, especially Cameron.
Thanks Again, Cory


18 February 2013
Dear Sir/Madam
Bandit Music Projects have become a highly valued part of the music calendar locally. Several Thomas Keble students have participated, some returning year on year. The projects provide the students with opportunities to work with other musicians of their own age but, more crucially, to work with a number of professional musicians. Each project results in a live performance in frount of usually large audiences.

Comments from Thomas Keble students include:
Bandit provides an opportunity for young bands to experience a professional gig.
Working with other musicians is fun and has resulted in lasting friendships
Builds team and group work skills
Has improved my confidence
Kev’s a brilliant leader

I am always willing to promote Bandit Music Projects at Thomas Keble as I know their value and the enjoyment and experience my students gain from them.

Yours sincerely
Helen Copestake
Head of performing Arts


I am writing in support of the Bandit Music Projects.

I have known Kevin Howlets as a musician and tutor for over ten years and we have aided the Band It
project over a number of years with gift in kind support by providing equipment and venue space for the
closing Band It performance event. SVA’s involvement has always been exciting and fulfilling and we value
the band it project in terms of connecting with young adults that possibly would not have such easy access to
this type of educational activity.

The workshop programme is well organised and involves professional musicians that provide excellent out
of school activities for many young people in the easter and October breaks.
If this application is successful it can only raise the projects profile and enhance an already well organised
and inspiring workshop programme.

Yours sincerely
Jo Leahy
Director, Stroud Valley Artspace.


To whom it may concern:

I am delighted that Maidenhill students have the opportunity to participate in the Bandit workshops. Students of all ages, gender and background are able to develop skills and interests under the professional guidance of adults who are committed to young people and share their own passion for music. Students from a range of local secondary and primary schools attend, thus adding to our community cohesion.

The students who take part in the Bandit workshops benefit hugely from the experience both musically and socially.


Mrs P Wilson
Head Teacher Maidenhill School Stonehouse



To whom it may concern:

This is to confirm that we believe the Bandit series of workshops and performances to be an extremely valuable part of the musical provision for young people in this area. They enable students to work together outside the school curriculum, meeting new faces, studying with new tutors and embarking on projects that are not necessarily possible within the constraints of the school timetable. There is also the opportunity to use and learn about equipment which may not be available in the students’ home schools.

I am fully aware that many students from Archway make good use of these holiday courses and that they find them to be highly beneficial, broadening musical horizons, expanding musical language, extending technical and instrumental or vocal skills and developing composition skills. Our youngsters are unanimous in their praise for the workshops and the experiences gained therefrom.

Peter Tims
(Head of Music)

Archway School Stroud


19 February 2013

Dear Sir/Madam

I write in support of an application from Kevin Howlett for grant funding to support the Bandit Workshops he runs for students in the Stroud and Stonehouse area of the County.

I have known Kevin for over 5 years in my role as Headteacher at Maidenhill School in Stonehouse and now in my new role at Tewkesbury School.  Kevin worked tirelessly at Maidenhill School, a successful Performing Arts School, in a strong department to enhance and enrich the educational experiences of young adults.  Kevin made major contributions to that school with his technical expertise and work ethic.  He frequently ran out of school activities including the Bandit workshops which ended in showcasing young talents at the Stroud Subscription Rooms.  I was fortunate, on more than one occasion, to witness the fruits of his endeavours and found the experience most enjoyable.

Kevin generates well-structured opportunities for youngsters from a range of backgrounds, different schools and different skills to come together and produce a multi-media extravaganza over a short period of time.

Since moving to Tewkesbury, I have managed to secure Kevin’s talents on a freelance basis and he is already making an impression on the youngsters at Tewkesbury School.  I commend to you Kevin personally and all his good work and hope that you look favourably on his projects which do a great deal for the youth of Gloucestershire.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require more information.

Yours faithfully

Gary Watson
Headteacher Tewkesbury School


Folkridge. Rob Craine


Really good to meet you at Folkridge on Saturday and thanks for all your help. You played a great couple of sets and were a real unexpected highlight of the day for many people.

Many thanks again.

Keep in touch.

BBC Gloucestershire Stephen Morris reviews Silver Campervan

Can it really be three years since Silver Campervan were last reviewed on these very pages? Surely not.
Maybe it's just as well that Silver Campervan have a new EP out.
It's called 'Simplest Tycoon' and it's a rather beautiful thing: six tracks of gentle summery-ness wrapped up in digital form to beguile and bedazzle you.
Back then, this writer's comparisons were all with Nick Drake, the default benchmark for all acoustic, indie folk artists.
But it's a fairly reductive observation which fails to note some of the nuances within Silver Campervan's music.
The nevertheless distinctive sound of these fans of vintage holiday vehicles embraces a whole catalogue of bands and artists who have inspired them - or just sound a bit like them.
If you like this, a particular astute mp3 player (should such a thing exist) might suggest you try Kathryn Williams, Roddy Woomble, Cousteau, Syd Barrett, REM, Kings of Convenience, Supergrass or Ralph McTell.
This band are the very definition of lazy summer evenings.
Imagine the scene: post-barbecue, after the funk and soul compilations have been done to death, the party's turned to the chilled out stage, chilled drinks are being drunk.
Someone's even put the kettle on.
Now imagine the ideal music to soundtrack the night, as you and your friends wistfully describe plans for holidays and memories of good times from the past.
That's right: you're thinking of Silver Campervan and your brain should probably be paying the PRS fees to the band RIGHT NOW.
The lyrics to the sextet of songs is as wistful as the music accompanying them.
There are songs tinged with regret over love's labours lost ('Circus Song' and 'Long Drive Home'), but the overwhelming theme of the EP is one of the aforementioned wistfulness: of dreams and desires and plans to put the past - maybe a complex, confusing past - firmly where it belongs.
"The simple life is the richest life" runs the chorus of 'Little Bird" over a rich, sumptuous 'cello.
It could be the record's motto - a record which, after all, features the word "simplest" in its title.
'Smoker's Delight' is all about simple things: "sailing away for some land where we can be homely" or hanging "around in city parks and watch[ing] thunder clouds just float away".
'Western Corner' also features dreams of simplicity, this time in contrast to the dreary repetitiveness of the working week: "Sunday is my favourite day/sleeping my life away/my eyes wide open", while 'Alcohol's Need' states the simplest of dreams: "we can watch the flowers grow".
Silver Campervan's gentle, soothing folk-indie songs have changed little in style in the past three or four years. Nor should they.
Each track is a beautiful, intangible moment in sound: delicate and as light as a bubble, though rich and weighted in substance.
The minimalist line up: gentle guitar, a couple of vocals and the occasional cameo of a 'cello or a melodica shows that less is definitely more.
A beautiful, beautiful thing.

24/7 Magazine

Amiable three piece, Silver Campervan deliver a delicate combination of melancholic and optimism in long player, Shade. Kevin Howlett pens some insightful and often poignant lyrics, and Amy Gardner’s beautiful vocals stop the band drifting into any musical greyness. There are times when Silver campervan become somewhat predictable but their imagination and observation of life’s simple pleasures puts them above the average clutch of the new millennium songsters. 4/5


Thank you letters

Dear Kevin

Thank you and your team so much for a very enjoyable performance last night, and Barnaby was very grateful to have been involved, he really enjoyed the whole experience. It was obvious how much work had gone into it, so a big well done.

Please let us know if there is anything like Bandit going on at other schools that you may know of.

All the best

Rebecca Wilson

Dear Kevin

So sorry it has taken me so long to get around to sending you this email, but here goes. Lois has had a ball with you guys over the October half term and it is something she is still talking about, so, firstly, a very big thank you to you and all your colleagues for putting on such a fantastic weekend, The CD came the other week and Lois was so pleased, thanks so much for this. I would like to know if some of the photographs that were taken over the weekend are available as Lois is also keen to have some photographs of her fellow Bandit4’s. Also, she would also be very interested in knowing if we can get hold of the video that was made for U and The Plastics, as she starred in both!

If there is any chance of being able to get hold of these copies, I would gladly pay, or donate as appropriate.

Hope you are looking forward to your well-earned rest over the holidays and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, Christina Hinder

Mum to future drum star, Lois Hinder!

Christina Hinder


Stonehouse Town Council

Re: Bandit 3 Rock Workshop

I refer to the above and the Town Council grant made to enable young people in Town to participate in, and benefit from the opportunity to compose and make music with industry professionals.

The feedback I have received from those involved has been that they benefited greatly from the experience and as a result confidence levels have risen in those people which matches exactly the reasons the grant was made.

Congratulations to all those concerned.

Kind regards

Richard Lacey

Great job tonight – well done to all involved. Thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and venue. The sounds and the images worked very well together.

Hope you get a break now – although I guess you thoroughly enjoyed the three days too!

Gary Watson

Head Teacher Maidenhill School

Dear Kev

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! You have put in a fantastic amount of effort well over and above anything I would have expected. You have changed and improved the lives of hundreds of children. The Music tech has been a fantastic success because of you! The bandit project is amazing because of you! Many Many thanks for everything and very best wishes


Dear Gary,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your staff for the 2 fantastic music sessions we have enjoyed this week.

The cluster G&T music tech workshop with Kevin on Tuesday was excellent! The children went back to their (10) primary schools buzzing and excited – clutching their CDs and desperate to share their music with the rest of their class. The parent who came with me was extremely impressed with the facilities, and with Kevin’s thorough expertise and gentle manner. On a personal note, I haven’t visited Maidenhill for 3 years – the  attitudes, manners and behaviour of your students that I saw and met this week speaks volumes…

Yesterday’s visit from your Bandit students was testament to their musical skill and talent, and underlined what confident, well-mannered, articulate, thoroughly delightful young people Maidenhill produces. Our Y6s were thoroughly inspired by their music and talent. You must be very proud of them.


Fiona Arnison

Lakefield CE Primary

Head teacher

Review: Silver Campervan BBC Gloucestershire

Stephen Morris puts the grey clouds behind him and finds a little bit of summer in his review of 'Shade', the debut album from Stroud unsigned band 'Silver Campervan'.
iWell, it wasn't much of a summer, was it. The wettest August in years and even when it wasn't raining it wasn't exactly the best weather ever.
"Silver Campervan have harnessed just a little sunshine and make it go a very long way."
Stephen Morris
Not much chance for sunbathing, picnics or leisurely sun drenched walks in the countryside.
Less still the opportunity for warm summer evenings spent gathered round a barbecue.
Which is a pity, because if ever there was a local Gloucestershire act whose music epitomised a warm summer evening it's Silver Campervan.
The band's song 'Travelling' was featured on the August 2008 edition of the Introducing show, but they have a whole album of tracks where that came from.
The Bare Necessities
The music on 'Shade' is stripped down to the bare essentials: acoustic guitars and vocals.
But for the brief appearance of a melodica (an instrument probably last seen in your childhood toy box), that's it: gently strummed guitars and beautiful harmonies between the voices of Kevin Howlett, Chris Scott and Amy Gardner.
Inevitably comparisons will be made to Nick Drake.
Any musicians whose preference is for acoustic folk-ish guitar will find themselves gauged against such a yard stick (if it's not heresy to reduce such a legend to a mere unit of measurement).
East Meets West
Penultimate track 'Travelling' is a prime example. The introduction isn't too far removed from something you might have heard on 'Five Leaves Left'.
What follows is something many times removed from the singer-songwriter from Tanworth in Arden as the lyrics reference Moscow and the music heads towards Spaghetti Western territory.
All you need to complete the dusky Western feel is a Mariachi trumpet or two.
It is this eclectic management of styles that makes Silver Campervan more than a group of Drake copyists.
They are just as likely to remind listeners of Simon and Garfunkel ('Mr Black's Special Bourbon Drip'), Ben and Jason ('Saturday') or Scottish super group The Reindeer Section ('You Like the Way I Move on the Dance Floor').
Road Trip
The highlight of the album is 'Mr Black’s Special Bourbon Drip'.
While most of the other tracks on the album are meditative songs, almost whimsical in their references to migrating birds, butterflies and stepping into the rain, this song has a greater sense of urgency to it.
There's even something of a story to it (in between 'Mrs Robinson' style instrumentals) about life on the open road, the search for adventure and the perils involved in finding it.
It's a plot you might just find in a Coen Brothers movie.
Lords and Ladies of the Dance
Elsewhere, the songs on 'Shade' have a gentler pace to them. Even songs with lyrics such as "I danced my life away" ('Saturday') and "You like the way I move on the dance floor" are calmer and smoother than you might think.
If there's any dancing to be done, it's a gentle sway rather than a polka, tango or trip to the mosh pit.
There's much talk of a journey to be travelled (the 'Southern Line' is mentioned on two songs) or a being taken (most obviously 'Travelling').
Even 'Mr Black's Special Bourbon Drip' is a road trip of a song.
The metaphor is slightly obvious and, perhaps overdone, but less concerning when you allow the music to wash over you.
Asleep in the Back
Saying that an album is great to fall asleep to may not sound like the greatest compliment of all time.
But music is designed to fit all kinds of moods - and what else are lullabies for?
In 'Shade' you will find the perfect accompaniment to the final hours of a summers day - or even an autumnal one.
So what if we didn't have the sunniest of summers? On this album Silver Campervan have harnessed just a little sunshine and make it go a very long way gloucestershire

Halloween Let’s rock

Teenagers took a spooky theme for their Halloween half-term rock workshop. Musical youngster who joined in the three days of artistic fun at Maidenhill School in Stonehouse wrote songs about vampires and bats. Kev Howlett a performing arts technician and organiser of the event said: ” Some were rocky and others were more like the Eagles.” “It’s the fifth time we’ve done it so we called Halloween Bandit 5.” A performance and party at Stroud Subscription Rooms ended the fun on Saturday night.’

Getting a real buzz as we rocked the house The Citizen

Musicians in Stroud got their first taste of superstardom thanks to a recent initiative. The three-day Bandit 3 project saw young people from across the district get together to perform and compose music. After assembling as Maidenhill School during half term, the project ended with the bands involved performing at a special show at the Subscription Rooms to a crowd made up of friends and family. Organiser Kevin Howlett said this – the third since the project began – was a great success. “All of the students were so well behaved,” he said. “I’ve had letters from parents and those who took part saying they’d like it to happen again so we’re certainly hoping it will. “it’s a great chance for them to extent their musicianship and to learn how to perform and be creative.” He thanked all sponsors who helped stage the event. Among those who turned out for the workshops was guitarist Harry Pizzey, 12 who formed a band – The Undecided – with some friends from Marling School for the project. The friends wrote, developed and rehearsed their song called Run Away before they took to the stage. Harry, who lives in Whiteshill, told us about his experience… “I was a little nervous about going, as I’ve never played in a band before, just sitting in my bedroom at home practising. “But from the very first day, it was really great, I was in band with others I know from Marling School and we got on really well. “We got lots of help in the whole process, but we had plenty of time to work on it ourselves and really make it our song. “On the last day, a team worked with us on making a film backdrop for our performance, which looked really great on stage. It felt really professional. “I loved playing on stage – I through we did really well and all that practicing paid off. “I felt a real buzz as I walked off the stage. It was great actually playing in a band, and I hope I’ll be going next year. Meanwhile, back to my bedroom for lots more practice.”

Silver CampervanSimplest Tycoon...


Singer Song writer, Acoustic music, Extended play record, beautiful…..all gorgeous vocals and intelligent lyrics married to some lovely tunes...


Blooming CellarNarset Bleeds...


Alterative music, thrashing guitar surrounding speed and peculiar shapes. Blooming Cellar capture a wide spectrum.


Silver CampervanShade...


'Long player live recording that nestles nicely on the ears with some neat little numbers you can tap along to...'.


Attic eskimoHad to resort to this...


'Three piece garage band. The sharpness and sparseness of the performances work well on the short catchy punk songs.'


Blooming CellarLo-Fi Junk...


'Blooming Cellar off beat recording session Walthamstow London'




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Really good to meet you at Folkridge on Saturday and thanks for all your help. You played a great couple of sets and were a real unexpected highlight of the day for many people.

Many thanks again.

Keep in touch.

Rob Craine

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Contact about events and music.


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